At Quantum Healing 88 we believe in only working with natural and holistic Plant Medicine. Nothing that is filled with chemicals will assist with the healing process that Zee facilitates.

As an experienced and trusted Medicine Woman, she is known for “prescribing” the correct plant medicine to whoever feels called to partake in it. There is a variety of them, each with their very unique Plant Spirit and healing results. You can rest assured that Mother Earth, the chosen Plant Spirit, and your very own all-knowing Higher Self shall give you exactly what you need…..not what you want!


Soma (Psilocybin)



Iboga Treatment

San Pedro (also known as Huachuma)

THC treatment

Kambo treatment

Blue Lotus

Herbal Treatments

Facilitation / Retreats

Shamans or medicine women (also known and referred to as ‘curanderos’) are human like the rest of us! They are NOT magical beings, but rather individuals in tune with the natural rhythms and imperceptible vibrations of life. They call on their inner wells of wisdom from journeying with their plant allies and guide others to help call forth healing energies to aid their patients. It is a great responsibility. They must know how to identify, harvest, prepare, administer, and hold space for the plant medicines they work with.

Zee is a medicine guide who understands the psycho-spiritual process of working with medicinal plants and can guide a guest, client, or patient through the hero’s journey of medicine work.

Why book a healing session with Zee?

Zee has over time developed a deep and trusted relationship with her suppliers and clients because of the following abilities:

  • She has a humble intention to assist in the healing of others.
  • She has experience with (or in) other healing and/or spiritual modalities (i.e., psychotherapy, coaching, reiki, meditation, sound healing, energy work, etc.)
  • She is a normal, mature human being able to communicate well with her clients
  • She is able to communicate, understand and sympathize with a vast array of personalities and issues and traumas.
  • She is always willing to work long hours and be “on call” at all times as healing does not keep office hours.
  • She is mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually fit and capable of roughing it with her clients, be it in a safe and sacred space indoors or outdoors surrounded by Mother Nature

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