From a holistic point of view, everything is connected. This means that what happens in your mind also affects your body. No organ system stands apart from your thoughts. When tapping into intuitive healing, it’s important to take notice of how your body is responding. While a positive attitude can stimulate growth, a negative mindset can impede it. When you are stressed, anxious, or upset, your body reacts in a way that might tell you that something isn’t right.

We understand that not everybody has reached the point of “self-help” and that is where Zee is able and willing to assist!

Protection by Zee

As a multi-dimensional healer, Shaman, empath and spiritual warrior that has faced many entities on various realms she can guide you as to how to go about putting your personal protections in place or act on your behalf. As always, all work is done in a sacred and respectful way in order to be for the greater good for all involved. No negativity or black magic tactics!

If you feel you can do with added guidance, select the “Book a Session” below and get a consultation as to what your personal situation requires.

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You will note this icon at the bottom of every page. This is NOT a booking for any type of session whatsoever but merely a FREE request for Zee to contact you so you may decide what that Uniquely YOU may require in terms of all the modalities and healers available, no matter where you are from!

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