What is the main goal of Quantum Healing 88 and it’s Healers?

Your healing on all possible levels of course!

Our ultimate goal is to bring healing to all of humanity by way of building up a network of trusted and experienced Healers from across the globe, readily available to a client and their individual needs. The network operates on a trust basis and, when one Healer can identify a problem but does not feel comfortable enough to work in a field that requires a more specialized approach, another healer most suited shall be referred.

Zee is not just a natural Energy Healer but also the Founder of Quantum Healing 88. She currently operates from South Africa and also assists her Global clients as time differences allow. A real juggling act at times and any other Healer will understand how vital fellow support can be, hence the building of a Network of Support, Encouragement, Referrals, and Motivation as and when the need arises!

Embrace you Uniqueness!

Please remember that no two humans are alike (on a Multi-Dimensional scale) and therefore each client is unique and worthy of extra special healing, custom-designed just for them! There is clearly an intense desire from humanity (and even Corporate Suppliers!) to live more holistically in this day and age, and, whether you are the Giver, the Receiver, the Seeker, the Teacher, or the Student, you will be blessed beyond belief when you discover your Tribe. Humanity has had to deal with much-forced isolation which has exponentially accelerated the “popping up” of previous unknown ailments. All we have to do is look a bit harder and do a little deeper introspection to know that, just like our beautiful Mother Earth is evolving, so must her occupants, be they human, plant, or animal! We must take heed and return to listening to our bodies and not blindly follow the programming which has placed us in the inhumane position we find ourselves in today. It is up to US to be the change we want to see in the World, the ones to break the generational curses and rid the World of all old and stagnant beliefs, dogmas, and programming!

Our greatest wish therefore ultimately that you too may find the Kindred Spirits (your Soul Tribe) your Soul has been yearning for right here at Quantum Healing 88 in the comfort of your own sacred and special place. Be it a friend that just “gets you” or a therapist that doesn’t make you feel like just another number that needs to head to the “Looney Bin” because a medical fund supports it.

Be Brave

Every Master was once a Beginner….. Become the master of your own sovereign Self and feel free to become BEYOND inspired by the endless possibilities that await us all in this field of healing.

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