Channeling is a universal human experience and yes, EVERYBODY is capable of doing it!

Zee was born a Sensitive from a long lineage filled with natural healers and intuitives. Becoming a Multi-dimensional Healer was just another natural step in her life long journey and evolution as a healer, medium, intuitive and Shaman, alternatively known as a Medicine Woman.

It has taken many decades to realise that the “feelings”, “thoughts” and/or unexpected mental comments that popped up was in fact channeling! As a Shaman and Medicine Woman deeply connected with Mother Earth, it wasn’t soon after she incorporated Plant Medicine in her work when it was revealed that even a connection with a certain Plant Spirit or Animal Spirit was possible without physically connecting (ingesting) with it. The same goes for people and with Zee being a natural Empath, many have found comfort in receiving a message via Zee at a moment when they least expected it yet needed desperately.

What is Channeling?

When you hear the word channeling, what comes to mind? Many of us would think of Kryon, Bashar, Seth, Barbara Marciniak, Edgar Cayce, Doris Collins or John Edwards etc. In other words, most people think of TRANCE channeling (where a channeler allows a supposed entity like deceased spirits, aliens, angels, higher selves etc. to use their body as a vehicle to communicate).

Zee is NOT a trance channeler but connects in a natural, calm and holistic way after creating a very safe and sacred space for the communication about to take place.

A brief History of Channeling

Everyone comes into this world capable of sensing beyond their traditional five senses. And thus, channeling has been recorded throughout written history, from the Delphi Oracle in Greece to various ancient traditions in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism.

So, why do these common experiences of accessing information beyond conventional notions of time and space remain so taboo? In the West, intuitive abilities have historically been associated with witchcraft which was falsely associated with devil worship. In addition to the religious condemnation, channeling also unfortunately faces scientific condemnation.

Despite an overwhelming amount of evidence for psi phenomena, it still remains taboo in mainstream science but those of us who study and practice it anyway will unconditionally stake our reputations (and sometimes our livelihoods!) in the pursuit of proving the truth. Transformation and evolution is undeniably inevitable and those of us who have learned to trust our inner voice and intuition just know that this world will soon be awaken and blessed with the higher consciousness it is going to receive, regardless of their chosen ignorance.

Session Expectations

Depending on how you choose to connect, Zee will be your guide as you learn to tap into your innate abilities. You may join as a Sitter/Observer who is only open to receive a channeled message or you may feel more confident and guided in using a more hands-on method which can assist you with obtaining the information you seek. An initial consultation with Zee will guide you in the right direction and is the recommended starting point.

Want to know more?….

You will note this icon at the bottom of every page. This is NOT a booking for any type of session whatsoever but merely a FREE request for Zee to contact you so you may decide what that Uniquely YOU may require in terms of all the modalities and healers available, no matter where you are from!

Questions, Compliments & Constructive Critique – all are welcome ♥

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